psychotherapy copenhagen

During our therapy sessions in a safe and caring environment, I support you to start making the changes you need in your life.
The sessions are about you, your needs and wishes and are based on your "here and now" situation.

Typical problems my clients need help with are: drugs-and alcohol abuse, problematic relationships, unemployment and jobcoaching, guilt and shame, weight loss and healthy lifestyle.


A session with your thereapist
can change your life
for the better 
  • Do you feel the need to relax and minimize your stress level?

  • Are you looking for help to overcome a crisis?

  • Have you lost a loved one and need somebody to talk to?

  • Do you need to share you grief and pain with a professional therapist? 

  • Are you wishing for a healthy self-worth and self-confidence?

  • Do you need a partner in your fight against the extra weight?

  • Are you suffering from an eating disorder?

  • Would you like to solve a relationships problem?

  • Do you feel 'out of it' with no apparent reason? 

  • Are you new in Denmark and need help to find a job?

  • Do you need to understand the Danish work market and get some job coaching?