The Therapy

Psycotherapy Sessions

The therapy session is a meeting between you and me in a pleasant and safe environment in my therapy clinic at Danasvej 4-6 in Frederiksberg. It is you that is in the center and we talk about the things that concern or bother you.
The therapy sessions are based on your current "here and now situation". 
I base my work as a psychotherapist on the EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy) method.

In EFT are your feelings and emotions the most important part of your navigation system through life.

It is the feelings and emotions that tell you how to react and what is good and bad for you. Sometimes we react in a way we don't understand or a way that just doesn't make sense.

This is due to old patterns that you have built throughout your life and those are the patterns we look at and seek to change.

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Couples Therapy

You have the possibility to invite your partner in the room in order to strengthen your relationship. You can also together look at some issues that you both wish to solve.

Both parts have the possibility to express themselves, while I facilitate the conversation using my psychotherapeutic toolbox.

It is my job to keep the atmosphere in the room safe and loving, even though it is possible that address topics that are tough or unpleasant.

As a psycotherapist, I  Do:

Comply strictly with the confidentiality agreement

I take the confidentiality agreement very seriously. I also comply with ethic rules of the Danish Psychotherapists Association.


Maybe you have a question about a reoccurring dream?
Or you are curious about a special dream that is stuck in our consciousness?
Dreams show our personalities by using pictures and symbols and in our dreamwork we deal with the pictures and symbols you are preoccupied with.
You are the only one that can decipher your dream's messages and I guide you to do it.

Receive Supervision

Supervision is for me a way to keep growing professionally. My experience is that both I and my clients benefit from me taking supervision, which is why I receive supervision periodically.

Online Sessions

I recommend that you meet in person for the therapy sessions.

If you live abroad or are travelling, I am ready to offer you a flexible solution and do  online therapy sessions.