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Valentine´s - celebrating love or...?

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So it is the 14th of February today. "Love's day"... Or a least that is what some countries celebrate on the 14th - the US being the ultimate celebrator of love.

In other countries (Finland for example) it is celebrated as the "friendship day" – Finnish people are onto something here…friendship is form for love, no? In Bulgaria the celebration reason is ”the day of the wine” – who doesn’t understand romantic feelings for food and beverages.

And even so some people still hate that day ...

Some are "forced" to celebrate their birthdays on the 14th of February (I know, you guys-you need a serious conversation with your Mum). Oh and there is the names day thing...

Most popular reason to celebrate though seems to be "Valentine's day"- the most romantic day of the year. Or is it? Some would say, that it is more important to be romantic during the rest of the year, and that they prefer the small everyday gestures of love and affection. Him finding the favorite earring she thought she'd lost. Her buying a second pair of those pants she knows he loves (even though she herself hates them). Picking up the kids, when it is not your turn, so that the other one can get some "me-time"... Couldn't you have both, I am wondering? Or is it too much to ask for?

Others would blame the industry for turning the day into a commercial race. Flowers, chocolate, presents...What about a simple note scrabbled on a piece of paper? Is that romantic enough?

"This day should be banned" sighed one of my friends after she just finished writing 30(yes thirty!) Valentine cards for her 5 years old son's kindergarten Valentine's celebration. I am thinking "imagine what having 3 kids in that same kindergarten would do to your desire to celebrate Valentine's".

"This day is my favorite day" smiled one of my clients this morning, who had started the day with breakfast in bed, presents and flowers. Then we used the rest of the therapy session to talk about relationship hardships and how this morning's romance had only made things worse.

I am a romantic soul - guilty as charged...I am all for love. Love and the small everyday gestures, love and the grand flowery-chocolatey gestures, love and friendship, love and wine, birthdays, name days...love and life.

Life is precious, and love in all its shapes and forms makes it even worthier to celebrate. So whether you love or hate Valentine's - my humble suggestion is: celebrate today...celebrate life! Love, Elitsa

P.S. That same friend is one who sends me presents and chocolate for the 14th of February every year, cause she loves me and she knows it will make me happy. I haven't asked her if it is the friendship day or Valentine’s Day we are celebrating...

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