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Something about Danish Dads

Danish Dads

There's something about Danish dads....

I mean moms are cool and everything, but dads in Denmark are a special breed. And I am not only talking about them taking paternity leaves (because conditions and the welfare system in DK make it both possible and easy). I am also talking about the Sunday mornings in the park, where you would see a dad with a toddler;

a dad with a pram going for a stroll (or a run!);

a dad carrying a smiling fluffy pink cloud in princessy clothes; a dad carrying a football in one hand, a kid in the other, while feeding the birds at the lakes.

You would also see those squatting down next to their kids patiently explaining something and those who have lost patience and are dragging (gently though) a crying kid the way away from the playground (I am not trying to idealize anything here).

There are also the ones who have chosen the train trip to the Zoo, the beach, Tivoli or the aquarium.

They all have one thing in common – they are accompanied by kids.

So why do they do it? There are probably a million reasons - (apart from loving their kids and wanting to spend time with them).

One of my friends shared with me, that when she was little, her mom would "kick her and her dad out of the house", so she could do the household chores in peace.

Another friend of mine takes his 2 boys on a bicycle trip (in the Christiania bike, you guessed right) every Sunday morning, also in the winter, so that his wife can get some "me-time".

One of my colleagues could sleep in today, after the annual office summer party, ‘cause her husband usually takes their son out to the playground on Sundays.

Another colleague and a friend took his son to a father-son motorbike weekend...

I also have a friend, who takes the kids on a cycling trip on Sundays, ‘cause he needs "a bit off-time from the wife".

I guess I am trying to say, that the reasons are different and can be quite practical, but that doesn't change the fact, that those Sunday mornings are building the so important bond between father and child. A relationship that is necessary for strengthening the kids' self-love, self-worth, values and life-perspective.

Happy father's day to all the dads, their significant others and their kids.

Keep up the good work creating strong children and happy memories! P.S. As I already mentioned, I believe that moms are cool, valuable and totally non-replaceable-but more on that subject some other time. P.P.S. I realize, that this is not just a Danish phenomenon and that dads all over the world love their kids and take care of them (just take a look at David Beckham)- I just happen to live in Denmark and felt like sharing my experience.

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